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We have lots of DVD Catalog apps to choose from!

DVD Catalog for iPhone

DVD Catalog for iPad

DVD Catalog QV for iPhone

DVD Catalog QV for iPad

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DVD Catalog for Android

DVD Catalog for the iPad/iPhone/WP7/Android will be your best resource to log all your DVDs' as well as show them off!

DVD Catalog QV for the iPad and iPhone

is here!
The fastest way to browse your DVD Collection in Landscape mode with huge DVD Cover images! 

Our Backup and Restore part of our website is FREE once you have purchased our apps. You can now backup and restore from both our website to your iPad/iPhone/WP7 and vise versa! Our web service is free to all who purchase our iPad App, DVD Catalog
Our web service is free to all who purchase our iPad,iPhone and Windows Phone 7 Apps.

Dash Technologies presents: DVD Catalog... the fastest and most innovative way to keep track of your entire DVD collection on the iPad!

You can enter your DVD's manually, or with the AUTO LOAD feature. Tired of using barcodes? The AUTO LOAD feature allows you to type in your movie and our services will find your movie along with the information and DVD cover for you.

But how does it work?

Once you've found the movie you searched for with our AUTO LOAD feature. Simply tap on your movie it found then tap on save, and your movie will be added into the cover flow. You can then keep track of your movies in the most innovative fashion!

- Animated intro with fade-in lights, and outstanding red velvet curtains opening and welcoming you to your cover flow of movies in a stage like feeling.
- Add movies manually, or with the AUTO LOAD button. (Our favorite feature!)
- Search your entire DVD catalog by Movie Title, Actors, Directors, Rating, and Year.
- Access to our free backup web service for life, by creating a Username and Password.
- Change the information for a specific DVD, change the DVD Cover to your likings.
- Never worry about if you ever lose or dropped your iPad. You will have a complete networked Internet backup of your entire DVD collection!
- Forget about entering bar codes. Entering a movie is much easier and faster. As soon as you see your movie, tap on it and then tap on save! That is it!
- Create Username and password to connect to our free webservice.
- Both iPhone and iPad versions available!!
- With our webservice, you can also add/edit and view your dvd collection online from any internet connected computer!
- Add unlimited DVDs to your iPhone or iPad!  With our *free web service, you can keep a rock solid backup of all your dvds!
- Join our OSCAR club to receive even more benefits! OSCAR CLUB

*NOTE - if you want to add custom dvd cover images and you use our backup and restore service, always add custom dvds covers at, not your device.

Screen Shots

  • Screen Shot 1

    Use our cover flow to show off your movie collection!

  • Screen Shot 2

    Enter all your DVD information here. Don't worry, there is an AUTO load button that will enter all the information for you!

  • Screen Shot 3

    Landscape cover flow too! Search by movie title, actors, directors, rating and year! With stunning graphics, you can really show off your iPad!

  • Screen Shot 4

    Search results!

  • Screen Shot 5

    Popup webview that takes you to Netflix or IMDB to find out more info about your movie

  • Screen Shot 6

    Backup/Restore and options screen. One tap to backup or restore your movies to our free service!