Oscar Club

Welcome to the Oscars! Sort of! Being a member of our Oscar Club means that you will receive unlimited storage space for backup for all your dvds!   First, you can add an unlimited number of dvds to both our iPhone and iPad apps, the apps that allow you to add DVDs directly inside the app.  Our free webservice allows you to backup 150 of your dvds and add up to 150 dvds to our service for free, forever!  But, if you need to backup more dvds or add more than 150 dvds, then you will need to join our Oscar Club.


You can add and have unlimited dvds on your devices, iPhone and iPad.( on the apps that allow you to add directly on the device) There is no limit.   We are only limiting our backup and restore service. 

Our Oscar Club levels are:

Oscar Club: Basic  (FREE!)
Everyone is automatically included in this club as soon as you purchase our apps.  Add unlimited number of dvds inside the DVD Catalog apps for iPhone and iPad.  On our backup/restore service and our website, the Basic membership allows only 150 dvds to be backed up and/or added.

Oscar  Club: Economy ( $15.00  a year )
This membership allows you to backup/restore up to 500 or add up to 500 dvds to our servers.

Oscar Club: Hollywood ($ 25.00 a year )
 Unlimited number of dvds can be backed-up and/or restored, unlimited number of dvds can be added, unlimited number of custom dvd cover images can be added at mydvdcatalog.com,  unlimited storage of your dvds forever, CSV export inside apps!

Oscar Club: Hollywood-10 YEAR   ($ 150.00 for 10 years, save $100! )
Our new Oscar Club 10 year plan is the same as our Hollywood but gives you 5 addional years saving you $100!

Sign up today.  After we receive your payment, your account will be activated with extra benefits!

Sign Up or Renew below.  If you are renewing early, your account will be automatically credited for the days left on your account and will be added to the expiration date so you do not lose any time.

Oscar Club: Economy Oscar Club: Hollywood Oscar Club: Hollywood - 10YEAR Save $100

Our policy has recently changed. Let me explain in more detail. First, if you own the iPhone and iPad versions of our DVD Catalog that can add movies inside the app, you can add an unlimited amount of dvds on the devices, but not on our website any more( unless you subscribe). But the website mydvdcatalog.com now has limits on how many you can add online. We have thousands of users switching to our service as we are making our service better and better. But in order to maintain app updates , storage on our site, these features are extremely expensive. Instead of charging $100 for our app, we only charge a few dollars. But this few dollars in not enough to run tons of servers that can save all of our users data and keep all of our data updated and accurate. Just like DROP box and Apple's iCloud, we give everyone a limited free amount of data, in our case, 150 DVDs to upload download, add, etc. for free. If you want more than that then users will have to subscribe to our Oscar Membership service which allows us to constantly improve our service, our apps and update our movie listings constantly. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is a necessary in order to keep a top notch service such as ours running flawlessly and always being updated.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Dave Tessitore