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If you are a developer or your company wants to create their own DVD Movie Software front end,'s API is here to help!  Now you can access our entire dvd movie collection with our simple to use API and easily connect to our web service for all your movie needs.  What makes us different than IMDB or some other APIs?  #1 is price and simplicity! Most API libraries want you to pay thousands of dollars each year to use their data.'s API is the best money can buy.  Here is our feature list:

1. $1299 a year for a developer API License for up to two developers. UNLIMITED CALLS!
2. Access our DVD image covers, Movie title, year, plot, director,actors,genre,runtime,rating and more with ONE simple api call.
3. All data returned in simple XML. 
4. No complicated XML parsing on your side. We provide you with our optional iRecord class that can easily access and parse XML data for the following languages: c#, objective-c, and SQL.
5. Our services are all WCF Rest services which provide you power and speed in todays fast paced internet technology!

Please fill our out Contact Form and we will email you a simple form to fill out and once we receive your payment, you will have access to our APIs in less than one day!

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