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(1951)-African Queen, The ( NR)
(1997)-Air Force One ( Rated R)
(1960)-Alamo, The (162 minutes Rated NR)
(2000)-All the Pretty Horses (116 minutes PG-13)
(2014)-Amazing Spider-Man 2,The (142 minutes PG-13)
(2005)-American Soldiers ( R)
(1957)-An Affair to Remember ( Rated NR)
(1982)-An Officer and a Gentleman (124 minutes Rated R)
(1997)-Anastasia ( Rated G)
(1985)-Anne of Green Gables ( NR)
(2000)-Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story ( NR)
(1987)-Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel ( NR)
(2006)-Apocalypto ( R)
(1998)-Armageddon (153 minutes PG-13)
(2004)-Around the World in 80 Days ( Rated PG)
(2016)-Arrival (116 minutes PG-13)